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Mens Jewelry

Here you will see an awesome selection of contemporary mens jewelry. Our collection is unlike what you see in traditional jewelry stores that typically carry gold or silver items. All of our jewelry is designed and crafted with the latest in jewelry making technology, giving you unprecedented, intricate designs combined with better durability. Our modern metal jewelry is simply superior in every way.

Stainless Steel Jewelry

Stainless steel jewelry offers many benefits over similar looking traditional metals, such as sterling silver or white gold. Most silver and white gold jewelry on the market is plated with rhodium, to give it a deep dark hue similar to platinum. This plating eventually wears off and sterling silver will begin to tarnish and turn black, while white gold will become dull with a yellowish color. Stainless steel is naturally a cool gray hue, and it will never tarnish or fade, ever. Stainless steel jewelry is also stronger than both silver or gold, giving you better durability.

Tungsten Rings

DTEK tungsten rings are one of our most popular items, offering a brilliant permanent polished finish. Tungsten rings simply outshine and outperforms rings made of traditional metals.  Tungsten carbide is so strong, it is virtually scratch proof. The main problem with silver or gold rings is the constant need to re-polish, especially if it is worn daily. Our rings solve that problem. All DTEK tungsten carbide rings are guaranteed for life against breakage.